WOW Bikini World
Wow Bikinis world is based on five core values: quality, innovation, tradition, made in Italy and femininity.
  • Quality
    Our expertise in the textile sector allows us to ensure the highest standards and fully meet all the expectations and needs of our customers.
    Beachwear cool and contemporary that combines the refinement of the prints with a great attention to the fitting, made even more comfortable from the choice of lightweight and impalpable fabrics unusual for beachwear. The purpose is to create a sophisticated blend of tradition and innovation, romanticism and modernity.
    Experience, tradition, know-how, are the skills that Aletex S.r.L, a manufacturer of printing and embroidery on fabrics, provides for the creation of WOW BIKINI brand.
    Made In Italy
    The creativity of the Made in Italy is at the basis of our work: the exclusive prints, the obsessive attention to details and finishing touches, the high quality design, and the style's originality. We believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it, so we must be CREATIVE!
    Enhance femininity, proposing a seductive and gritty beachwear wearability, without compromising comfort, in a crescendo of shapes and colors that explode on each piece of the collection in a variety of fashion styles.